Uninspiring Vista

by Volker Weber

I don't have a single computer fit for Vista, and I currently have no intent to change that. So, no first hand experience.

I couldn't wait to finally see and use the long-delayed operating system that I had been reading and writing about for more than three years. Regardless of widespread skepticism, I was confident that Vista would dazzle me, and I looked forward to saying so in print.

Ironically, playing around with Vista for more than a month has done what years of experience and exhortations from Mac-loving friends could not: it has converted me into a Mac fan.

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vowe: Thank you for sharing. Because of Parallels (or BootCamp), this was just as striking:

And my deepest-seated reasons for preferring Windows PCs--more computing power for the money and greater software availability--have evaporated in the last year.

Excellent article.

Gregg Eldred, 2007-01-18

I installed Vista Ultimate Edition on my Pentium 3 Notebook (HP Omnibook XE3) with 1066 MHz, 512 Megs RAM and 20 GB Disk. My Grafik"card" is a shared memory Chip with 8 MB.

Vista runs really good on that. Aero-Look is turned out off course by the system. Don't need it anyway.

Daniel Seiler, 2007-01-19

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