Uneventful travel

by Volker Weber

great day

How was your travel? - Uneventful. The opposite of the chinese curse "may you live in interesting times".

What better can you say about air travel today? It was the usual security nonsense, but other than that everything went very well. We received seats in the Plus section of economy class; this gives you a few more inches of legroom. United 953 to Washington pushed back 5 minutes ahead of schedule and arrived 5 minutes ahead of schedule. Immigration was a breeze through with only two people in front of us. Luggage was there only minutes later, rechecked after another short walk through customs.

Then we had two hours to wait for the plane to take us into Orlando. Our friends were not as lucky. Arriving only 30 minutes later they had to clear immigration with four other planes. Instead of three people there are over a thousand in front of you. Some of them barely made the connection.

An hour's ride on the shuttle bus — we should have taken the cab — later, and I was ready to hit the ESPN. Thomas and I left when the place was almost empty. Must have been after 1am. ;-)

So all is well. Lotusphere, we are ready to go.


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