Lotusphere trivia of the day: Always wear your badge

by Volker Weber

Mike Rhodin tried to enter the Dolphin dining hall today without a badge and they would not let him in. Disneybots refused to accept that he is the host of the show. They had to get a manager at least one level up to have him cleared.


Always wair your badge
Is there a pun I don't get? Please explain.

Ralph Unden, 2007-01-23

The DisneyBots are indeed well trained. But you have to wonder how many conferences they have worked where someone has tried to use the 'Do you know who I am?' line. Hopefully Mr. Rhodin took it well.

Ken Porter, 2007-01-23

So much for SSO...
Freakin' extrordinary opening session today!

Ed Maloney, 2007-01-23

Ralph, no pun intended. It just has been a long day.

Volker Weber, 2007-01-23

I think you want to tag this lotusphere2007 rather than lotusphere07 - correct?

I enjoy your blog.

Bob Knieff, 2007-01-23

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