If you see this guy, leave the bar

by Volker Weber


Major anger management issues... :)

Thomas "Duffbert" Duff, 2007-01-30

What ever you do, don't make eye contact with this guy!

Ken Porter, 2007-01-30

No reason to leave the bar, just don't mess with him ;-) He used to do kick boxing and mixed martial arts.

In this video, he comes across as a much more sensible guy. Towards the end, he even suggests handing over the cash to the bad guy if it seems to be the better solution. He also recommends avoiding eye contact in that case.

Joerg Michael, 2007-01-30

"... use the ambience..." -- priceless.

Chris Toohey, 2007-01-30

The reason I love vowe.net so much is because you can learn something useful every day. =)

Philipp Sury, 2007-01-30

upppss, wenn ER jetzt noch eine Designer Brille tragen würde, könnte man ihn beinahe für einen nahen Verwanden von vowe halten ;-)

Jens Huber, 2007-01-31

DAS ist der einzig wahre, echte assi-alptraum!!

Florian Geiger, 2007-01-31

baah! He is a NOBODY compared to these guys! *G*

Ralf Stellmacher, 2007-01-31

Ralf... that was hysterical!

Thomas "Duffbert" Duff, 2007-02-01

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