New poll: Which version of Lotus Notes are you running at work?

by Volker Weber

Lotus comes out with a new Notes client this year. So I would like to know which version of Notes you are currently running at work. If you have more than one, e.g. since you are a developer, you should pick the version is currently used by the majority of your users. The really interesting versions are 6, 6.5 and 7, but I leave three more choices for really old versions, beta testers and people without Notes:

  1. R5 and older
  2. 6.0
  3. 6.5
  4. 7.0
  5. 8 beta
  6. Not a Notes user

Just to be sure, you cannot extrapolate from the results. Self-selecting respondants make for invalid statistics. Let's assume there are 50 mio active Notes users (I know IBM posts larger numbers of licenses sold, but those are accumulated over the lifespan of the product). If we get 8% for "8 beta", that would mean 4 mio users. Hardly possible. Whatever the results are, we must assume they are heavily skewed towards newer versions of Notes. After all, you are amongst the Notes alpha geeks. If there is such a thing.



Er, Notes 8 beta, but you didn't have an option for that :)

Dave Hay, 2007-01-30

Dave, I now have. It was added after three people voted. You were to quick. ;-)

Volker Weber, 2007-01-30

I'm an Admin, not a developer, but I voted anyway. 6.5, but we're starting our 7 upgrade in February. By the time we're done, it will be time to upgrade to 8.

Rod Westwood, 2007-01-30

Worked with a company last year who still have 10% of their user population FORCED to use Notes v4.5 on OS/2 (for a REXX DLL they built). Scarily enough it runs under virtual PC, and will quite happily connect to a Domino 6.5 server. As long as you NEVER use policies.

Oh - and the OS/2 box with v4.5 boots up faster than the notes 6.5 client on the same machine.. :-)

Progress, eh ?

---* Bill

Bill Buchan, 2007-01-31

OS/2 is screaming fast on any 200x computer. And DOS boots faster from floppy than XP from HD. :-)

Volker Weber, 2007-01-31

If You need Domino Web Access 7.0 for OS/2, please let me know, it runs on 3500 OS2 Warp;-)

marco foellmer, 2007-01-31

Bill, are you paid for having a booted OS or are you paid for getting a job done? ;-)

Ragnar Schierholz, 2007-01-31

Ok, to be fair: Which feature of ... say Vista ... helps you get a job done faster? It's the animated 3D window switcher, I bet :-D

Ragnar Schierholz, 2007-01-31

Woops - let me clarify. OS/2 is dead. Sorry. And from that point of view, I cannot possibly condone its use.

Yes - I did like it - especially back in 1995 when I use to load them with cc:Mail multisession routers - but 12 years later - time to move on.


Vista. Um. Still thinking of a macbook this summer. Thats how compelling it isnt. XP with Lipstick.

---* Bill

Bill Buchan, 2007-01-31

Don't worry, Bill, I don't think anyone has taken this too serious. After all, who would want an OS that's called "half"? ;-)

Ragnar Schierholz, 2007-01-31

As we all know, Vista is just a relabelled copy of OS X ... err ... of course, it is NOT :)

Ralf Stellmacher, 2007-01-31

Ups, did I miss something - I thought this was about the actual versions in use today of Lotus, wasn´t it? Hey, Volker, you´ve missed the mark of what´s on peoples minds ;-)

Well, back to topic then, thanks to I use 7.0.2 (Mac OS X). "6 1/2" is running on XP, on the back of the same MBP Inside a Parallels session (secondary monitor).

If at all possible, I download the mails from the POP3 side of the Lotus installation we have into and take it from there.

Only those evil calendar entries are really getting on my nerves: since umpteen years no interoperability with nothing (apart from the clumsy Notes itself). And there is a yawning gap between Lotus and the real world (clients and customers, who are using Outlook, for example). My iCal/ combination deals very well with these people. I have neither the means nor the time to investigate why the information from Notes is not transferred the way it should.

Sent a cc of an iCal invitation (meant for a client) to some colleagues, and the email conversation that evolved internally was not funny at all.

I don´t appreciate at all a version 8, 9 or 10 which still does not interoperate, be it with whatever UI it might sport. Why can´t they by all means get the core right? First of all, it´s mail and calendar entries that makes the groupware work. Everything else in Notes is awkward enough, but usable.

Ok.... enough ranting for today. Just had to get this from my chest. I have nearly given up asking for a Sync-tool for Notes and iCal. I just have to put up with entering some stuff twice. Duh.

Armin Roth, 2007-01-31

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