Phone support for iTunes

by Bruce Elgort

I just got done listening to the 2007.01.31 edition of the MacCast where Adam explained how to get support for iTunes in the US.

You can call 800-275-2273 between 8am - 5pm Central Time. This is the main number for AppleCare Service and Support. Next when you hear the recording you need to punch in "70" when you hear the recording. Enter it again if it doesn't accept it the first time. I had to enter it twice before it went through. You will then be asked to say which product you need service for - say "iTunes". You will then be asked for the type of computer you are using - say "PC" or "Mac". Then you are asked if you are calling for a school - say "yes" or "no". After that you will then be magically connected with a human being.

You would think that Apple would make it easy for customers to get support for iTunes. Hopefully Skype will also make some form of phone support available for their customers.


Just wanted to let you know that this no longer works for itunes music store support. I was able to contact a REAL HUMAN by calling Apple Corporate directly 408.996.1010. The representative heard my story and personally took charge of the case. She was polite and eager to help!

J Smith, 2008-06-19

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