Site news: Database hick-up

by Volker Weber

The database which drives the polls went offline at 7:05 this morning which is in the middle of the night. ;-) I received a few reports that the site was hanging with error 500. Therefore I suspended the poll until the database was back online. Should be working now.


Ah, I wondered what had happened.

I even took a screenshot of the error 500 -- not seen such a thing at before ;o)

Ben Poole, 2007-02-05

It has happened before. It usually does when I am without Internet connectivity or while I sleep. :-)

We are trying to make it degrade gracefully now. So far I have not worried about the database going down. In the future the poll may go offline but not the site. Working on it.

Volker Weber, 2007-02-05

Oh, also this site.

Seems to have been a number of sites affected.

Ingo Schaefer, 2007-02-05

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