Richard's speed crash

by Volker Weber


Two records in one day. Unrecognised UK land speed record, and fastest car crash. Not bad..

I cant see in any way that he could have avoided that accident..

Lucky, Brave man...

---* Bill

Bill Buchan, 2007-02-05

I wonder what would have happend if he (in that 4/10s of a second) had pulled the parachute ? ... granted, they say that the average driver uses at least 3/10ths of a second from the time they see an obstruction to hitting the brake peddle so it would be asking a lot of someone not intimately familiar with the controls.

Glen Salmon, 2007-02-05

Maybe the afterburner would have put a nice round hole in the parachute?

Volker Weber, 2007-02-05

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