Installing Vista

by Volker Weber

[via Chris]


Sound advice! I think I'll be sticking with XP for the forseeable future ...

Frank Docherty, 2007-02-07

Anthony from the Opie and Anthony show on XM. Explaining the one and only way to install Vista

Stephen Huckaba, 2007-02-07


Sounds familiar. After the launch of XP exactly the same arguments: nobody need this, too much system ressources, NT/2000 is more stable, XP will fail because nobody will use it...

Same procedure...

Sven Semel, 2007-02-07


The difference I think is that 2000, almost from the start, looked like an effective, appropriate, convincing upgrade to earlier Microsoft systems (I admit that I came later to XP!)

Vista has taken a long, long time to get out there, and much of what could have made it substantial has been ditched over the course of those years in order to fit into some kind of viable timeframe - and the result really is a painfully difficult upgrade path for a lot of people.

I lost count of the number of PCs I upgraded from 98, Me, NT, even 95 to Windows 2000 over the course of a couple of years, with scarcely ever a substantive hardware incompatibility issue - and few software ones - that couldn't be solved with a bit more RAM. The result was almost invariably a more reliable and effective computer or network, and a happy client.

Doesn't Vista in its present form, look and feel like a development that Microsoft had to be seen to be shipping, in order to be taken seriously any more?

But as I've said elsewhere - of course people will do the upgrade! This is Microsoft Windows we're talking about! Microsoft will do just fine, Vista will not fail ....

Nick Daisley, 2007-02-07

Relax guys, this is only a funny video.

Vista will make its way like any other version of Windows. You get it with your el cheapo PC. Sooner or later everybody wants it on theirs as well. Controlled and locked down roll-outs happen, once the IT police has found out how to remove everything remotely entertaining from the OS.

Volker Weber, 2007-02-07

LOL! Would have preferred him to send me the DVD, though...

Frank-Leonardo Quednau, 2007-02-07

Before or after 'loading' it? ;-)

Frank Dröge, 2007-02-07


I was only enjoying the humor within the video, given all the negative press Vista has drawn recently. Like most Windows users, I'm only going to be sticking with XP until the Vista deployed user base has grown significantly, and/or they have released SP1 of the product.

Frank Docherty, 2007-02-07

to me there is one major difference when comparing the upgrade from XP to Vista to the one from 98/99/ME and this is that XP did a better base OS from a technology point of view than its precursors.

The change from XP to Vista is much more incremental.

For the very same reason, many business users stuck with NT or 2000 when MS started flogging XP.
Heck, I know some who just completed the XP roll-out last year.

Ms will continue to heard its users towards the new stuff, it will be interesting to watch whether people are inclined to follow.

Best regards, Martin

Ps.: @Volker,
seems that the video has disappeared. Too bad just wanted to watch it...

Martin Forisch, 2007-02-11

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