Jobs blames it on the majors

by Volker Weber

From the website:

eMusic is different from other digital music stores. We are the only major music service to make all our music available as MP3s. That means more freedom of use for you! Our songs play flawlessly on any digital media player including the iPod. You can burn unlimited CDs, download to an unlimited number of computers, play on any digital music jukebox, and the list goes on. There are no confusing restrictions or hidden fees for using YOUR music the way YOU want to!

And now Steve Jobs wants the same deal. At least he says so. I will start believing him when Disney starts selling DRM-free titles in the iTunes store.

Jim Griffin, founder of Cherry Lane Digital, testified at a US Senate committee in July 2000. He was a lone voice in the industry back in 2000:

Today, it can be truly said that music behaves more like Thomas Jefferson's candle - which when lit with another candle diminishes the flame of the first not at all - than it does like an object subject to the laws of supply and demand.

To the music listener who shares music, there is no consumption, as there is no less music after playing it than there was beforehand. The supply of boxes containing music is decremented not at all, and arguably the demand is increased.

These are the new clothes the music industry must wear if it is to grow to the $100 billion business it wishes from the $40 billion business it is.

I strongly believe that online sales will soar, once the stores from the likes of Apple, Microsoft and Sony stop crippling their merchandise. They are only hurting their customers.

Repeat after me: DRM is bad for the customer


Nice. Although I thought that it wasn't just the majors insisting on DRM - or is it just a rumour that Apple does not allow selling DRM-free tracks on iTunes, yet?

Hanno Zulla, 2007-02-07

I'd love this to be Jobs' true feeling on the matter, but I'm also pretty sure that he will say whatever he thinks will benefit Apple / himself and he certainly knows how to play politics, so we'll have to wait till he actually does something about it.

He could start by offering DRM free downloads from independents and small labels that are eager and willing to do so.

Kerr Rainey, 2007-02-07

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