When do they stop ripping off customers?

by Volker Weber

Vodafone has a new tariff which you can activate by phone. It will give you Blackberry access for 19 ct per 10 kB. Make sure you steer clear of this offer. Typical BlackBerry traffic is 3 MB per month which would cost you 300 x 19 ct = 57 Euro.

They also offer 1 MB for 5 Euro, 2.5 MB for 10.12 Euro, 5 MB for 17.85 Euro, and finally 30 MB for 23.80 Euro.


Let's compare GSM voice and data prices:

A GSM voice connection is 13 kbps, which is 100 kB per minute, and costs around 20 or 10 cents per minute. Thus 2 or 1 Euro per MB.

So all the data packs you mention, except the 30MB pack, are extremely expensive: the most expensive is 20 Euro per MB.
(I suppose Blackberry does not need any special features from the data link.)

Let's compare Vodafone to Telfort (Dutch mobile provider): On this Telfort link , mobile Internet looks much better: 5 MB for 5 Euro, 1 GB for 27 Euro.

So: stay away from Vodafone!

Sander Jonkers, 2007-02-08

@sander: This is not about mobile internet, but about blackberry. Vodafone Germany has a "mobile internet" tarif as well, for example WebConnect Fair Flat - 5Gb for 42,50 Euro (plus vat).

Gregory Engels, 2007-02-08


What does the Blackberry-service offer as extra's on top of Internet?

Sander Jonkers, 2007-02-09

A set of services. One of them being push mail, but also things like an attachment service. Somebody sends you 10 pictures, each of them 4 MB in size. The attachment service renders them for your device so you don't have to blow 40 MB of your traffic budget on viewing them. The same goes for office documents.

Volker Weber, 2007-02-09

The same goes for office documents.

Unfortunately only MS-Office; not even .doc created from OpenOffice.org

Jan-Piet Mens, 2007-02-09

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