Browser stats

by Volker Weber

browser stats

If I go through my server logs, I can make pretty good statistics. However, they may not be as good as I think since they also contain spambots, rss readers and other hits which taint the results.

Google Analytics is somewhat better, since it requires Javascript to register a pageview. And this graph shows the overall trend aggregated by month. Here at vowe's magic flying circus Firefox leaves Internet Explorer in the dust. I am sure that is different on or


Be not so sure about the "On Demand Workplace". Well, probably the Internet Explorer ist still leading but I'm quite certain that the Firefox has a much bigger share than in the whole market.

Martin Hiegl, 2007-02-09

Volker - do you know what the cause is for the uncharacteristic "bump" in December 06? Did you get Slashdotted or Digged or something similar? Seems like that would be caused by some temporary influx of "non" Vowe regulars.

Just curious. Other than that, I am seeing very similar trends - albeit in much smaller numbers ;)


Rocky Oliver, 2007-02-10

The numbers are percentages. You should have similar ones. :-)

The bump in December may have been caused by a funny posting, which sometimes attracts new readers for a brieft visit. Maybe it was the blonde joke, which is still very popular. Read the comment!

Volker Weber, 2007-02-10

Google Analytics will fail to count most people with a combination of Firefox and the NoScript extension. Due to the fact that this extension has got some popularity, Firefox figures have to be considered somewhat higher.

Robert Dahlem, 2007-02-10

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