The little video that could

by Volker Weber


That is a lot of honors for one small video, and the other two are not bad either. Since they were too complicated to follow, I create the simpler one to publish it here. 7000+ views later I am convinced that YouTube is a very valuable service. I would not want to pay for this bandwidth.

And I've just started to use the service some two months ago. This is becoming addictive. ;-)


Interesting. I actually thought before clicking through that these might have been the Neil Armstrong videos from Lotusphere (science & technology) :-o

It is also intriguing to see that the Heise article has almost 600 comments (at the moment) in just two days' time. I would understand very few of these, but my question is -- has Apple or anyone explained why it happens?

Ed Brill, 2007-02-11

No, Apple has not explained anything. But it is quite obviously a localization problem with different decimal point settings.

Volker Weber, 2007-02-11

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