ILUG 07 in Dublin 24-25 May

by Volker Weber


Paul and Eileen are doing it again: a high-profile Lotus conference for free. That is right. You only have to pay for your travel expenses, the two day conference itself is free. I don't know how Paul does it, but he has enlisted quite an impressive list of speakers.

Last year's conference was a huge success. Lots of visitors, not only from Ireland, but quite an international audience. You can attend for free, but maybe you are interested to present your company at this event. In that case check out the conference information for sponsors.

I have just booked my travel to Ireland and hope to see you there.


Being part of what's going on behind the scenes to put this on, I can tell you that you'll all be getting an incredible amount of value and effort being made on your behalf.

And if you're a company wanting to get your name and product in front of a lot of influential decision makers in the Notes/Domino community, now's your chance. Sponsoring an event like Lotusphere where we pay large amounts of money to attend is one thing. Being part of a smaller group that supports an effort like this gets you noticed and appreciated.

Thomas "Duffbert" Duff, 2007-02-16

How does he get them? He asks them :-)

See you there.

Carl Tyler, 2007-02-16

I'm looking forward to learning a lot of new stuff, and sharing a Guinness or two with all. See you there!

Frank Docherty, 2007-02-16

He offers NOT to do embarrasing things in public anymore

Chris Miller, 2007-02-16

it'll be a hoot. Last year was amazing - this year will be twice as good.

And there's an amazing announcement coming soon...

---* Bill

Bill Buchan, 2007-02-17

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