ILUG 07: Run, don't walk (Update)

by Volker Weber

ilug 07

I told you last week about the Lotus conference in Dublin. Now Paul has lifted the curtain, and the conference site has gone live.

Paul is nuts. He is giving away a conference he could easily charge 500 quid for. And you are absolutely nuts if you live in Europe and do not attend. Flights to Ireland are cheap (Ryanair lives there), and hotels are reasonable. At least until everybody else signs up.

IBM Ireland is getting heavily involved. You will see Notes 8, Quickr and Connections. And not just slideware but the real thing. Mary Beth Raven, who leads the design team for Notes 8, will be coming over. You will find the highest rated speakers from Lotusphere.

I suggest you register as fast as you reasonably can. And book your hotel and air travel. First come, cheapest fare.

Don't tell your boss, but there is also some serious fun. Watch Wild Bill and Paul warm up the audience for the Worst Practices session @ Lotusphere:

Update 20 Feb 13:20: As of now, about 50% of the seats are already taken. There is a capacity limit at the conference, so my headline yesterday was right.


Absolutely blinding. Amazing. An awesome follow-up to LS, well done to one and all for organising this!

(Oh, and a hearty thank you to the sponsors. Ahem :o) )

Ben Poole, 2007-02-19

Boy, I'm gonna have to be *real* good now... :)

Thanks for the plug, Volker... This is going to be a great event!

Thomas "Duffbert" Duff, 2007-02-19

Thanks for the airplay vowe...

It should be fantastic.

Paul Mooney, 2007-02-19

Gayle and me are very excited to attend this great conference. It will be an amazing few days.

Bruce Elgort, 2007-02-20

Just registered.
Are there any suggestions for a nice place to stay from the attendees of ILUG 2006 ?

Jens Reichardt, 2007-02-20

*sigh* ...I promised myself last year that with enough advance notice I would attend THIS year. Paul provided plenty of notice, but we'll be in Spain at that time ...which is not a bad thing at ALL :) .....but I'll feel like such a newbie if 2008 is my first attendance. And of course, by next year this gathering may be titled Lotusphere Ireland, with a price tag attached ;-)

Joe Litton, 2007-02-20

Jens, Eileen is listing affordable hotels in her sidebar.

Volker Weber, 2007-02-20

I've added them all here onto the ilug site. Please note I'm not recommending them, but did a search of reasonable hotels in the area :-)

Thanks Mr. Weber , your support in this rapidly growing venture is very much appreciated.

Eileen Fitzgerald, 2007-02-20

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