First BlackBerry 8800 firmware update, 8820 with WLAN confirmed, 8300 revealed

by Volker Weber

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File name: 8800M_PBr4.2.1_rel109_PL2.3.0.54_A4.2.1.72_Cingular.exe
File size: 69.43MB

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Interesting find: what is a BlackBerry 8300?


Two interesting screenshots from the 8800:


This is a new application called Manage Connections which bears the same icon as the former Turn Wireless On/Off. You can turn different wireless options on and off. The status screen also shows that connections to the server are via the Mobile Network. There is an obvious omission: Wifi.


And this is an interesting option: Do not connect to data services while roaming. This can be a serious savings if you want your phone to be on without consuming data services over a foreign network.

Update: A little birdy tells me that the 8300 is a (yet unannounced) 8800-style device with a camera. No word on whether it will have a GPS receiver. I also hear that there will be two variants called 8320 and 8820 with Wifi. The 8820 is already confirmed in device.xml as having a WLAN radio:



I own a blackberry 8300 and very disappointed that I can't connect to wireless lan like the one I have in my office. I live in a country where the mobile carrier is still only GSM. I bought blackberry because I was told that was the top for wireless connection. Is there any software ot trick I can use to make my phone connect to private wireless networks?

fabrizio fabbri, 2008-03-01

I am afraid, that is not possible. You would need either a 8120, an 8320 or an 8820. The 8300 does not have any WLAN hardware.

Volker Weber, 2008-03-01

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