Two new condoms

by Volker Weber

RIM sent me two silicone skins for the Pearl and the 8800. I particularly like the black skin for the Pearl. Gives it a Matrix-style appearance.


Do you have an idea when and where the skins will be available for purchase? The official RIM online shop does not list them. I would be especially interested in the skin for the 8100 as it covers the whole keypad. The shop only lists the skins for the 8100 which do not cover the keypad, for the 8800 there is no skin at all available.

Abdelkader Boui, 2007-02-23

Whoa. I want the black one. Wonder if they have one for the 8700...

Rob Novak, 2007-02-23

Abdelkader, I am sending you my spare orange one. No idea, how you can actually buy them. They gave them away at Lotusphere.

Rob, does not look like they have anything for the 8700.

Volker Weber, 2007-02-23

Rob, maybe you want this.

Volker Weber, 2007-02-23

I'm not sure if Rob would want that belt clip. :-) (Just kidding, Rob!)

Ed Brill, 2007-02-24

Thank you, Volker!

Abdelkader Boui, 2007-02-24

I've been using the black condom for a while now - Lizzie was kind enough to send me one.

It does a really good job in protecting it from stray knocks and beer splashes. I now wear my Pearl around my kneck on a lanyard (which does look a little old/gay) but does mean that its not lost...

the only downside with the condom is that the key illumination is less evident in the dark - you really have to touchtype -and the condom around the trackball restricts the range a little.

Aside from that - well recommended.

I did suggest they do a bright yellow one for Lotusphere...

---* Bill

Bill Buchan, 2007-02-25

I am glad they did not listen to you. :-)

Volker Weber, 2007-02-25

LOL Ed...

Inside joke... I have proclaimed that will never be a belt clipped guy again. It just doesn't suit me.

Rob Novak, 2007-02-26

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