Playing with the next generation OGO

by Volker Weber

Ogo 2 a.k.a CT25E

Today I had the chance to play with a next generation OGO device for about five minutes. Push email, instant messaging, SMS, those are the main funtions of the device, much like the old one. The design has improved a lot over the old one, the software looks much nicer, and the hardware has improved in many ways. Judging from the engineering sample I played with, the old device can take more of a beating than the new one. Where I would have no problem throwing an old OGO on the floor I would not dare to do it with the new device.

New screen, a microphone, external display, those are the most important enhancements. The new screen is mucho macho better than the old one, the microphone lets you use the device as a regular mobile phone, the external displays tells the time and what else is going on inside the clamshell.

There is an extension bay between the two hinges which will hold all kinds of "OgoClips" you will be able to buy. A camera, an MP3 streamer, a handset (right: a handset!), a bottle opener (!), a multicolored array of lights (!). I am too old to understand why you would want those gadgets.

Interesting data point: the devices are more or less used for instant messaging. 1&1 initially tried to sell them as email warriors, but the device mostly appeals to kids. And those could not care less for email. Email is for elderly people. Kids chat.

Here is an idea. Bring this thing into the pre-paid market (or pay-as-you go) and make a killing.

Ogo 2 a.k.a CT25E Ogo 2 a.k.a CT25E


Exactly this is how Swisscom Mobile promotes the Ogo here in Switzerland (admittedly not pre-paid). Marketing uses slogans like "The ogo is wherever you are, be it on the bus, at skating, in the cable car (i.e. for the skiing kids) or at boarding." The entire campaign is totally geared to the teenagers and twens. However, I don't see too many of those things around and even though I don't have any figures, I doubt that it is an extremely successful product.

Ragnar Schierholz, 2007-03-01

What IM Protocolls does it understand? If it would be multiprotocoll it would be very interresting.

Tim Daniel Schumacher, 2007-03-01

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