Will there be an IBM Lotus Technical Forum 2007 in Dresden?

by Volker Weber

In 2005 IBM joined forces with DNUG to have their first IBM Lotus Technical Forum 2005 in Hannover. Ambuj Goyal announced a new version of Notes there, code name "Hannover". Then in 2006 they did it again with a conference in Karlsruhe, the IBM Lotus Technical Forum 2006.

For this year, DNUG has scheduled a conference in Dresden, one of Germany's most beautiful cities. The announcement says:

The Conference is going to be held again in partnership with IBM.

I am not so sure that really happens. The conference is about 100 days away, there is no announcement of an IBM Forum and no registration. Maybe IBM needs some encouragement.

Update: Martina Fiddrich of IBM Germany says yes, there will be an IBM Lotus Technical Forum 2007 in Dresden. Good news.


I hope there will be a technical forum like last year in Kralsruhe. I was there and was very impressed by this event. I have planned to attend the event in Dresden too, but only if there is support from IBM.


Ralf Petter, 2007-03-01

Do you know, whether the DNUG folks have actually asked the IBM folks in time? Or if the IBM folks actually said no or simply didn't respond?

I mean, I would be fairly surprised if they cancelled such a sucessful event on purpose (I wasn't there myself, but from what I hear it would have been nice if I were). So I would rather assume some "hickup" in the communication and coordination process (which at least on the IBM part for sure wouldn't be that much of a surprise).

Ragnar Schierholz, 2007-03-01

Hi VoWe, good news is that IBM will definitely support this years DNUG event in Dresden again with a Technical Forum in a similar manner as last year.

Greetings - Martina Fiddrich, IBM Software Marketing Deutschland

Martina Fiddrich , 2007-03-01

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