This is too good to pass

by Volker Weber

VISTA = Virus Inside, Switch To Apple



Bruce Elgort, 2007-03-02

Great acronym.

There's a lot of anti-Vista fervor out there right now (such as "Cracked Windows") -- and I apprecite you sharing some of it!

- Allie

Allie Osford, 2007-03-02

Very good :) I am just starting the countdown timer now, until we get the first post raging about how Apple is “no more secure” than Windows…

Ben Poole, 2007-03-02

Nice, but not new ;-)

Chris Linfoot, 2007-03-02

Chris, much better though.

Volker Weber, 2007-03-02

Better than the body of your original post, sure. But not better than the second comment on that same post. :-P

Chris Linfoot, 2007-03-02

Err, ehm, not really. :-) But if I forgot it, maybe others did as well.

Volker Weber, 2007-03-02

Yep, I totally forgot that one. It must be age…

Ben Poole, 2007-03-02

I can understand everyone forgetting about the earlier post - it was at least 10 internet years ago. Perhaps it was around the first proposed Vista launch date...

---* Bill

Bill Buchan, 2007-03-04

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