Lunar Eclipse

by Volker Weber

Phantastic photos taken by Simon Phipps in Southampton. We had a good view in Darmstadt as well. The sky was clear, and Hajo reminded us to step outside and have a look. I have never before seen the moon so clear as a three-dimensional object.


wonderful picture. I tried to take pictures too - but failed miserably. Any good "shoot the moon" tutorials that someone can recommend?

Jens-Christian Fischer, 2007-03-04

There’s a great shot on the BBC site too:

Link, along with some others:

The others.

Ben Poole, 2007-03-04

To shoot moon pictures, I use a tripod, a big lens (300mm minimum) that lets in lots of light so I can keep the exposure short, and a remote control so I don't shake the tripod. I set the exposure to be as short as possible since without a motorised tripod the earth can move far enough during a 2 second+ exposure to blur the photo.

I set the (digital) camera to ISO 800 and used a 600mm reflector lens. I usually hate that lense as it has an incredibly narrow depth of field and a high f number but in this case it has taken reasonable amateur photos. (they are fine up to 4x6 prints) To take pro photos would need a 600mm or larger L-prime lens.

Simon Phipps, 2007-03-04

thanks for the info Simon. I think I'll look at your moon pics for a while :-)

Jens-Christian Fischer, 2007-03-04

As said before, I'm fequently amazed of the breadth of domains for which experts are available at :-) Experts happily sharing their knowledge in dummy-understandable words, that is!

Ragnar Schierholz, 2007-03-05

@Jens-Christian: Auch mit einer normalen Digiknipse geht das prima mit Stativ, Manuelles "Programm", Blende auf, Belichtungszeit zwischen 1-5 Sekunden, Schärfe auf unendlich und damit man nicht verwackelt auf Selbstauslöser. Meine Fotos sind zwar nicht ganz so toll wie vonner teuren Spiegelreflex mit Mörderobjektiv, aber für 'ne Digiknipse bin ich ganz zufrieden...

Sven Scholz, 2007-03-05

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