MicroSD dirt cheap

by Volker Weber

Anybody out there who buys me one of these?

[Update: Benjamin has a spare one. Now get one for yourself. $2.99 for 1GB MicroSD including shipping is as cheap as it gets.]


LOL, they would get very lost here. I sometimes miss my sd-cards, but these tiny cards get lost for sure.

Tim Daniel Schumacher, 2007-03-06

I have a 2 GB version here that I don't need. No kidding. If you like it... By accident I got two of them for my Pearl. Works like a charm. But I cannot use both. Just drop me a line.

Benjamin Stein, 2007-03-07

Oh! That was a hint to buy you one!?! You're a tad too subtle for me, Volker. I'll pick it up for you if you want.

Amy Blumenfield, 2007-03-07

Amy, no, it wasn't. :-) I put it up here when I learned that it is one rebate per household only. When I sent you the message, I thought I already secured one.

Thank you, Benjamin. Very generous.

Volker Weber, 2007-03-07

I'll be interested to know how long it works for.

I bought a very cheap 2GB SD card a couple of months ago for using with TomTom on my Treo and it stopped working in the middle of a trip to the UK, where I was relying on the navi (no maps with me). Quite inconvenient at the time. I did wonder afterwards if these are, in fact, sub-quality chips that get offered so cheap.

John Keys, 2007-03-07

Does the rebate work if you live in germany?

Christian Just, 2007-03-07

Well I bought two and then realized that it is one rebate/household. I may try to trick it though ;)

I was wanting a microSD card for my Pearl, so this will be great. Thanks vowe!


Rocky Oliver, 2007-03-07

@Rock, you're welcome :-P

Ed Brill, 2007-03-08

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