How to successfully test the Notes 8 beta, part 2

by Volker Weber

Don't start your forum postings with:

Since I've had the code for the last six months...


Volker, why are you attacking those of us that are helping answer questions? Nathan, myself, and others have been spending much of our free time trying to make ND8 better. Sharing experiences with previous betas (what we can considering the NDA) helps provide some perspective to the process.

I do not see a single forum post from you? Maybe I would be more receptive to criticism if you were participating.

John Head, 2007-03-18

I'm not sure why you chose to single this out, at least without providing some context. What about this tweaked you so much?

Charles Robinson, 2007-03-18

err, why not? I haven't had the code for that long but I don't see the problem in the statement, especially if it is relevant to the content of the post (which I haven't seen)

Alan Bell, 2007-03-18

Alan, aren't you British? I thought you guys were much better than us at detecting irony?

Volker Weber, 2007-03-18

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