How to successfully test the Notes 8 beta, part 3

by Volker Weber

Do not try to control the feedback, unless you want results like this one:

I will say that my testing of Notes 8 beta has gone very, very badly and that experience will greatly affect our adoption of Notes 8, regardless of the point release. I read John Head's rules and am taking them to heart, hence the silence regarding my issues.

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that isn't particularly useful feedback is it. It would be good to see at least the area of difficulties. Crashes/breaking existing apps/user interface confusion etc. Each interesting areas to have issues with, but a general thumbs down is not constructive.

Alan Bell, 2007-03-18

But what to do if the major issue is performance but the "rules" say that performance is not a good point to talk about?

Henning Heinz, 2007-03-18

In that case IBM may end up with three major products towards the end of 2007: Connections, Quickr and Slowr. ;-)

Volker Weber, 2007-03-18

I've seen a few things in the client and I'm running on a t42 thinkpad (slower drive than desktops)

1. Slower startup than 7. But Notes is on all day so this one isn't a biggie for me personally.
2. First time opening any productivity editors can be really slow but after that quite fine - same as any light notes app launching more docs etc.
3. New contacts stuff is slower - can see frames filling.
4. Slight delay for the context sensitive icons to paint when switching tabs
5. Our custom apps that do lot's of framesets and are rather rich on the gui feel pretty well the same speed.

I'm still running the 7 mail template against a 7 server so I don't know if that is a factor. Since I see slower painting on the contacts is there something with the mail template that I'm not seeing?

To be honest the performance has rather shocked me on how good it's been in comparison to 7 and for the first public beta. I assumed :) that there is still debug code etc. I was worried that wrapping it in the Eclipse was going to be a huge hit - but apart from 2 and 3 it's been largely the same as 7 for me. What am I missing?

As I said on Ed's site even one of the long time Notes GUI haters is now using 8 and has no desire to go back. I'll check with him on Monday on his impressions around performance.

Btw the t42 is a pentium M @ 1.8 with 1GB. Physically has 1.5GB but I run a vmware image for ubuntu that takes 512MB.

Stephen hood, 2007-03-19

I'm gathering more information before I post anything in the forums. I don't want to submit something half baked.

Quite frankly I'm a little annoyed that my previous comments were used in this way, especially since I didn't even know about it until my inbox started filling up.

Charles Robinson, 2007-03-19

Quite frankly I’m a little annoyed that my previous comments were used in this way, especially since I didn’t even know about it until my inbox started filling up.Eh? Why comment on a site then?

Ben Poole, 2007-03-19

@Ben - I don't expect to have my comments taken out of context, not attributed to me, and used to fuel a personal vendetta.

I would have a lot less problem with this had the quote been properly referenced. That's not how Volker handles things, though. This whole pointless drama is driven by unreferenced quotes.

Charles Robinson, 2007-03-19

Charles, you somehow must have missed this link to your original comment, which leads the reader right into the context:

Volker Weber, 2007-03-19

Color me clueless, there it is. Mea culpa.

Charles Robinson, 2007-03-19

Thank you, Charles.

Volker Weber, 2007-03-19

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