Mail from Oregon

by Volker Weber

UPS Track

This has been my longest UPS trail so far. It was caused by German customs who wanted to have a look inside the box and you can see the results on the outside.

Mail from Oregon

On the inside however there is a treat of products from Oregon. Thank you very much Bruce and Gayle!

Mail from Oregon


interesting, that it seems to tunnel through space back and forth from the US to Cologne... and it left Newark on a flight to Stanstead UK and then it tunneled from there back to Cologne.
Nice. I knew it, there were quite advanced with beaming technology....

Gregory Engels, 2007-03-20

Your very welcome Volker. Stay warm with the new blanket and the hot chocolate. Also, please be sure to keep the biscoti away from the keyboard of your MacBook. :-)

Bruce Elgort, 2007-03-21

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