Norton Commander will never die

by Volker Weber

forklift beta

Forklift, a dual pane file manager for Mac OS X. And it is not the first one.


Do you remember XTree Gold for DOS? :-)

Bruce Elgort, 2007-03-24

...guess what, for reasons that I can't get into here, I just downloaded and reinstalled Far Manager yesterday. So I think you're right, it may never die.


Ulli Mueller, 2007-03-24

As I wrote you by mail, I have bought Disc Order some days ago. After giving ForkLift a try, I think my money (US$ 22.57) is well invested.

Disc Order is more NC-like, uses the same well-known hotkeys per default, has a build-in viewer and editor, has FTP, a command-line and more settings in the preferences and the menus.

I hope, the concept of NC will never die, because it's simply the best solution to show the source and destination in one application-window if you want to do some file-operations.

Manfred Dillmann, 2007-03-24

You're probably right that this stuff will never die -- especially since most every FTP client uses the concept...

Since I don't do many file ops, I rather use Spotlight/Finder. And for combining files with actions I recommend quicksilver -- this is a real novel concept. Aber damit trage ich hier eh nur Eulen nach Athen :D

Thomas Cloer, 2007-03-25

Just a peripheral issue - I still use 10.3.9 by reason of some compatibility issues that I could not work around, and figures I've seen suggest that something like 25% of Mac users are on older versions of OS X like me.

In the absence of information on the BinaryNights website, I'm guessing that this is why Forklift doesn't work for me.

I recognise that programming for 10.4 is both easier and more interesting than for earlier versions, but I do wish that developers would not assume that their constituency are universally updated to Tiger as yet... I am not picking on BinaryNights; this applies to dozens of recent applications I have tried to look at.

So yes, I am able to explore Disc Order, but not Forklift or XFolders.

Nick Daisley, 2007-03-25

I've been using Total Commander (formerly Windows Commander) for ages and can't live without it. It's the first software I install on new machines.

Windows only though, but then, versions on Pocket PC, Windows CE, Windows Smartphone exist. There's also a tool for using it on usb sticks.

Claudia Brusdeylins, 2007-03-29


I also tried Disc Order and even bought a licence about a year ago, some day after I switched to Mac.
Just some things you should know before using it.

- It crashes nearly every 5 minutes if you are using it intensively (just try to resize the window to very small and see what happens)

- Knows nothing about filesystem changes, you have to manually refresh if something is changed in the filesystem outside Disc order (it is 2007!!!!)

- If you want to copy a folder with lot of files it will crash FOR SURE (literally) in the middle

- If you are quick enought and start Activity monitor before the next crash, you can see as DO consumes memory with the speed of 1 MB/sec (easy to workaround, buy a lot of RAM :) )

This was enought for me, so I moved it to trash (with Finder).

I would jail the devlopers for selling this software, especially for that there is no support anymore.
I think your money is wasted, sorry.

Ted Moru, 2007-03-31


until now, I have no problems with one of the points above - but I must admit that I have not often copied directorys with a real large number of files. Everything works OK - so currently I can't see that my money is wasted.

Maybe there is a problem with your OS X installation?

Why is there no support anymore? Your own experience? Do you refer to a source?

Manfred Dillmann, 2007-04-01

I use muCommander (open source, cross-platform) regularly as well.

Kenneth Liu, 2007-11-26

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