Dear Bill, ...

by Volker Weber

Dear Bill Gates

First, the apology. Having complained here on 6 February that your new Vista operating system was driving me bonkers, it would have been polite to give you an update before now.

And had I been a little less self-obsessed, I would have commiserated with you for the wobble in your share price a few weeks ago when your chief executive warned that Wall Street’s estimates of revenues from Vista in the coming year were over the top (though analysts still expect Vista to generate comfortably over $15bn of sales in the year from June 2007).

But in delaying my progress report, I gave you the benefit of the doubt. I assumed that Vista would soon become compatible with the assorted tools of my trade, so I could write you a belated note of congratulation.

In fact my Vista experience has gone from bad to worse.

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[Thanks, Nick]


Hardly to imagine that Mr. Gates cares...

Ralf Stellmacher, 2007-03-26

...his complains about incompatible pieces of hardware and software actually supports the analysts expectaion of vista driving the revenue for Microsoft. And anyway, why should anyone go for exchanging his mail client without solving some problem with the change? OK, that may drive some people to change a change to Lotus, but hey, those pitty souls allready paid for an old Outlook, and untill they do not exchange it to something, there is no money in it. And a couple of them would end with Office 2007 - spending money on Microsoft.

Gregory Engels, 2007-03-26

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