NeoOffice 2.1 released

by Volker Weber

NeoOffice 2.1

Santa Clara, California, USA - Planamesa Software and the community are proud to introduce NeoOffice 2.1, a significantly-enhanced version of the Mac OS X-native version of the office suite that includes Microsoft Office-compatible word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, drawing, and database applications.

NeoOffice now supports Microsoft Office 2007 OpenXML document formats and the execution of Visual Basic for Applications macros in Excel. Microsoft Office 2004 currently does not support the Office 2007 formats, and Microsoft Office 2007 Mac will drop VB support.

The best download is via BitTorrent for Intel or PowerPC. Keep seeding once you have the file.

neooffice torrent

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Their server appears to be choking on something. Could you maybe share the .torrent file with us?

Stephen Rider, 2007-03-27

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