Oh no, not again

by Volker Weber

Argentina will fight on to win sovereignty over the British-controlled Falkland Islands, the government said on Monday, 25 years after a disastrous war for control of the islands.

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I'd take that for a really bad April fools' joke, but that was yesterday :-/

Frank Dröge, 2007-04-02

"Oh no, not again" Exactly my thoughts.

Alexander Gabriel, 2007-04-03

Wenn man Wikipedia-Eintrag zu den Falklandinseln glauben darf, erneuert Argentinien jedes Jahr seinen Anspruch - und dieses Jahr verstärkt, da Wahlen vor der Tür stehen.

Urban Hillebrand, 2007-04-03

las Malvinas son Argentinas ! :)

Martijn Mulder, 2007-04-04

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