by Volker Weber

Instant idiot - just add alcohol.


Watching this makes me embarrassed to be English. Scum.

Kieren Johnson, 2007-04-03

Oh yes, makes me very proud. We must have such good parents.

Carl Tyler, 2007-04-03

lief letztens ja schonmal auf 3sat und ich hab auf der hälfte etwa reingezappt. ist schon sehr spannend gemacht - spannend vor allem, wie der blick von außen auf "uns" aussieht.
sehr seltsam ist ja für mich, wie sehr die engländer dieses nazi-ding intus haben, das ist ja ständig subplot in dem filmchen.

Jens Scholz, 2007-04-03

Das ist weniger überraschend, wenn man mal ein paar Wochen englisches Fernsehen gesehen hat. Da laufen ständig Nazi-Schinken. Dazu noch die englische BILDende Presse.

Volker Weber, 2007-04-03

After watching the movie I have come to the impression that there's a better marker for this phenomenon than nationality. This isn't an "English" vs. "German" thing (or whoever else for the matter), but "drunk-overweight-no_woman-low_education" vs. the same type.

After this video I'm quite nervous about the Euro 08 in Switzerland. So far I thought we're going to be safe because so far the support by the Germans has been excellent and last year's world cup is seen by the Swiss as a perfect example for a wonderful football party. God help us that we'll be at least able to keep up the standard.

Philipp Sury, 2007-04-03

Some (in a negative way) impressive images. Quite a few times my blood ran cold.

Lennard Timm, 2007-04-03

These chaps were idiots long before any alcohol was added - it just brings out their considerable natural idiocy while suppressing what little sense of decency and decorum they may have had.

Funny how the press here thinks the old hooligan problem was fixed long ago. It very clearly was not.

Chris Linfoot, 2007-04-03

Thanks for that link. Very different situation from the wonderful atmosphere we experienced here in Dortmund on all days except on the day of the Dortmund opening match (Germany - Poland, as seen in the film). With several choppers in the air at night even during a thunderstorm, you know something is going on. Luckily, said thunderstorm did considerably ease the tension - most people simply preferred to go home.

Haiko Hebig, 2007-04-04

These idiots deserve to be stripped of any citizenship claims they may have. I certainly don't think of them as being English, hardly even human.

Simon Barratt, 2007-04-05

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