Image server is down

by Volker Weber

Yes, I know that lots of photos are not showing up on As soon as the janitor gets up, he will check out the series of tubes.

Udpates: The series of tubes has been found in good condition. Everything back to normal.


This could become an interesting journey. Maybe you can post some pictures about it. I really would like to see how you protect the image server by a "janitor", which "tube" caused the incident and who "we"-team (you and the janitor?) is that hopefully will solve the image issue ;-). Good luck.

Joerg Rafflenbeul, 2007-04-10

Pictures work here (again)

Samuel Adam, 2007-04-10

Hmm, do you suppose it is the filthy content that clogs the tubes? ;-)

Philipp Sury, 2007-04-10

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