My IM usage

by Volker Weber

With the advent of AIM, ICQ and Windows Live Messenger on the BlackBerry it was time to reevaluate my IM usage. This is what I have decided:

  1. Skype will remain my primary IM network. Reason: it works all the time, even when sending files through NAT routers and firewalls.
  2. GoogleTalk also remains my secondary IM network. Reason: Google uses the XMPP protocol with tons of available clients. There are very lightweight clients for mobile devices.

Both account names are ( on GoogleTalk). Add me to your roster if you like. I will need to authorize you on both networks. If you don't see my presence, you may need to remove and add me back to your buddylist. Skype sometimes forgets your authorization. If you don't see me on GoogleTalk/Jabber, I am to blame, since I have at one point removed everybody from the list, dropping their authorizations.

I have a page for Skype IDs on my wiki. You may add yourself if you like. Just register a username (in camel case like VolkerWeber), and you are free to edit the page. I may add another page for GoogleTalk/Jabber IDs.

I have IDs on all major IM networks, but I am not really using them anymore. BlackBerry Messenger does not work for me since it is tied to a device and I am swapping devices faster than other people swap their underwear. Sametime does not work for me since I am not working exclusively for any particular organization. If you are a Sametime user, ask your IT staff to connect your community to GoogleTalk.

Please also check the results of this poll.


And if they have trouble getting connected to GoogleTalk find me or buy my book, haha. (Shameless self promotion)

Chris Miller, 2007-04-13

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