Upgrade your BlackBerry 8700 to OS 4.2.1

by Volker Weber

Telefonica Venezuela is the first carrier to release the 4.2.1 firmware for the BlackBerry 8700 devices:

BlackBerry Handheld Software v4.2.1.108 (Multilanguage)
Package Version:
Consisting of:
* Applications:
* Software Platform:
* File name: 8700M_PBr4.2.1_rel108_PL2.3.0.59_A4.2.1.66_Telefonica_VE.exe
* File size: 59.14MB

Install on your PC, find and remove vendor.xml, then connect your device.

Download here >


Danke für den Tipp! Das rockt! :-)

Max Nierbauer, 2007-04-13

I followed the link, downloaded the 4.2 update for the 8700, ran it and it never updated the softwrare in my handheld. What am I doing wrong?.It never gave me a chance to remove vendor.hml either. Anybody, help?

Victor W. Scheiman, 2007-04-15

look. follow this guide^^

1. assumed you installed desktop manager.
2. confirm that disconnected blackberry.
3. install rom update.
4. find vendor.xml & delete
5. connect device.
6. goto desktop manager - application loader and follow instruction.

you will get updated!!!!

antonino Li, 2007-04-16

Hey, Thanks Antonino, Volker. It`s ok now. I`ll report.

Victor W. Scheiman, 2007-04-16

Hey I have a problem installing it on my 8707v:S do you know what the cause could be/???

greets wim

wim pollux, 2007-04-25

This release is only for the 8700 (8700g, 8700c, 8700r, 8700v) series. It is not for the 8707 (8707g, 8707v) series. These devices require a different firmware release.

Abdelkader Boui, 2007-04-25

Thanks for the update, I'll make an attempt to install once it finish updating!

M. Lamar Griffin, Sr., 2007-05-01

Thanks for the version 4.2 update. My 8700c was becoming a dinasour very quickly. Funny how a bit of software can totally change the versaility of a Blackberry!!

Jeff Lowney, 2007-05-08

a few months ago i was a palm pilot man! I had a zire 72, but i was trying to fix the steam where the charger plugs into by soidering it. I put it back together, and bam! it was not working, maybe some solder is touching some where that caused a short circuit, so i moved to the black berry 8700, it was on sell for $200.00 used with a prepaid sim from ezlink and 200 min. i wanted it for blue tooth experiments, but it does not have the same quality as the palm. I was going to find another one and drop the black berry because i dont have a data plan. and with the zire i could get on the internet using bluetooth in my home, it was great, now finding a way to connect my blackberry to the internet using usb or bluetooth would be kool! im not talking about using the blackberry as a modem, but logging on the internet with my blackberry with usb or bluetooth to read my mail, and surf the web while im down stairs on my sofa, feel me! doing it with out a data plan, using my computer as the server. wirless or bluetooth. if anyone know of such a program please email me at redwar_888@yahoo.com

dwayne shelton, 2007-05-10

Two words...THANK YOU!

We have a unified messaging system that limited our ability to use it since 4.1 didn't fully support the wav file attachments. Mucho grachias!!!!

Todd D., 2007-05-23

Vodafone.de has Software-Version for download, even without registration...


Armin Auth, 2007-05-25

were do i find the vedor thing to delete

timmy chuks, 2007-05-26

This is deliberatly left unclear. If you cannot find a file on your Windows machine, you should not be using an unsupported firmware.

Volker Weber, 2007-05-26

i' d like to know how i can disable the restriction of use with a specific operator my 8700g from blackberry. i got italian vodafone sim and my telephone is actually working just with tim operator sim.
many thanks

alberto mori, 2007-06-04

I am running a BB8700R on an Enterprise Server. Will this work for me?

Mike Walter, 2007-08-27

AT&T in US has available now. So for all you Cingular/AT&T users out there you can go to: http://na.blackberry.com/eng/support/downloads/download_sites.jsp

and click on AT&T

Iztok Umek, 2007-08-29


i was already starting to get crazy haha

alain vassallo Brasil

Alain vassallo, 2007-09-29

somebody wrote:
were do i find the vedor thing to delete

Try to use the search option under start
look for vendor !!!

Volker Volker why this atitude

some people still have to learn !!

anyway keep up the GOOD WORK !!!

Alain Vassallo Brasil

Alain vassallo, 2007-09-29

theres a problem w/ my bb 8700 . theres a hour glass then it turns to red light. what should i do? i need your help guys............ waiting for urgent reply... thanx

jonas r. contreras, 2007-10-16

I'm trying to update my 8700 model (under win vista and 4.3 desktop manager) but when i start the application loader i don't see anyware the option for the os update.I followed the procedure as you describe above except the part of deleting the vendor.xml file because i can't find it anyware in my pc.
Any suggestions???
Thank you.

Makis Kouris, 2007-12-16

Hi there,

I am currently running Vista business and I am trying to upgrade the 8700g to 4.2.

I am slighlty confused about the rom update? What is this? Is this the 4.2 version that I have downloaded!

Also the Vendor.xml file is that on the Blackberry or the PC?

Thankyou to anyone who can help!

James Knapp, 2008-01-03

Hi there,
Thanks for the upgarde it works fine on my 8700V
i've been searching for this from a very long time and its working fine...
thanks once again mate.

Rajiv Salwan, 2008-01-29


If remove vendor.xml, then compatible AT&T OS my T-Mobile devices?

Gábor Medve, 2008-02-03


I want my 8700 to support live streaming (for Mobile TV) but got to know that i need to upgrade the firmware - will 4.2 help me in this case and would my 8700 be able to run Mobile TV application????

Thanks in advance

Nash Abb, 2008-05-24

Hey, when i click the link above i.e. Download here > a page is opened in language other than English and i don't understand where to go and what to click. Please advise.

Nash Abb, 2008-05-24

I just popped a search for firmware updates for my 8700 and got this site -- simple and to the point; Thank you! Installing the update now.

ORen IshiE, 2008-06-16

Had some difficulty locating the vendor.xml. Finally found it under Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\Apploader.

After deleting it it would allow me to update my 8700. Tnx m8's!

Michel Keus, 2008-06-21

I have an BlackBerry 8700 and a router modem wireless in my house. If anyone know a program that can let me surf the web at home trough wireless please email me at dami_sv@yahoo.com. Sorry for my bad english.

Damian Ioan, 2008-07-30

I just bought my an 8700 on sale and upgraded it to 4.2. Now I can upload my own ring tones and images. I can't wait to see what other new features are included with the new OS. Thanks for the instructions on how to update.

Frank Joseph, 2008-09-26

I have a blackberry 8700g there is no browser available how can i download browser and surf on the net ,read my mail?

Erol bicaci, 2008-10-17

Hi' everyone,

Not long ago, I undertook this update on my BB 8700g. However, after it had completed, the handset simply displays a red light and tries to restart. Showing the hour glass for about five seconds, then does the same thing all over again.

Just to see how long this would go on for, I left the handheld for several hours, however, four hours later still restarting.

Any advice on this, would be great. Thank you in advance.

Rob Howell, 2008-11-10

my blackberry 8700G IS EMPTY

faden karan, 2008-12-07

I have a Blackberry 8700g. It don't have a blackberry messenger icon on my phone, I tray to install, and the error message was "This version of BlackBerry Messenger is supported only by BlackBerry Device Software versions 4.0 and 4.1. If you are using a newer version of BlackBerry Device Software, BlackBerry Messenger is already installed on your smartphone. If you deleted it, please use BlackBerry Desktop Manager to reinstall it."

My BB version es 4.2

I download a blackberry desktop manager (.exe file) and I can't install it

Help please

Luis Febres, 2009-01-22

I can not use my blackbery 8700g to download any application either messenger facebook or any one and if I post on fecebook my phone does not display via blackberry whar should I do

akinlabi tobi abraham, 2011-09-28

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