That was quick

by Volker Weber

that was quick deepfish

Twelve minutes for a reply from Ray and an invitation less than two hours later. Let the games begin. Ten minutes later I was up and running. OK, I had already installed the .NET 2.0 framework. The next two screens show the overview picture and the on screen pointer which snaps to links. In can run this thing from the keyboard. Do you spot the little glitch typical for Internet Explorer?

deepfish pointer deepfish no transparency

So what is Deepfish anyway?

Deepfish is a lightweight client application that leverages a powerful server side technology for delivery of content such as web pages to a Windows Mobile device. Content is displayed in a familiar desktop format that requires no additional work by the content or site author.

This is very early code. As such lots of things don't work:

Currently, the technology preview does not support ActiveX controls, AJAX, cookies, Javascript, and HTTP POST.

The interesting part is the transcoding proxy. It renders the website as a picture which fits on your screen. After pressing the center button you can move a zoom windows across this image and you will get that part magnified. With the four way navigator I can move the windows across the site. After pressing the center button again you can interact with the site. Just by moving the onscreen pointer with the navigator you can select links and click them.


Hey Volker, if you can swing me an invite that would be cool!

Simon Barratt, 2007-04-13

Sorry, I can't. I am happy that I can write home about it, but I cannot invite people.

Volker Weber, 2007-04-13

Deepfish as opposed to (Cold) DeadFish...

Looks very pretty, but I assume it is MS-proprietry technology. Hence only Windows Mobile, no Blackberries, Palms, Symbian or anything else. Since I practically through my HTC Universal out of the windows with frustration, I guess this won't be too relevant to me...

Stuart McIntyre, 2007-04-16

threw even ;-)

Stuart McIntyre, 2007-04-16

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