Sending out a message

by Volker Weber


Ah. I have a confession to make. On behalf of someone else.

A few years ago, A number of my mates actually entered RobotWars in Holland and made it to various finals over two years, in order to pursue their infatuation with the female presenter at the time.

They played to lose, but in doing so, inadvertanty destroyed a Belgian contender, and ended up having their "Blue Man" makeup put on by the BBC, whilst being entertained by Craig Charles in his dressing room..

The high point was when their robot was destroyed by another contender, and the BBC found out to their annoyance that the insides of the shell was plastered with "Page 3" SUN topless model pics, thus forcing them to review every *second* of the footage... Ahh...

God, someday, I'll have to actually see the Blue Man group perform...

---* Bill

Bill Buchan, 2007-04-18

Would that be Philippa Forester by any chance Bill?

Stuart McIntyre, 2007-04-18

I love the Blue Men!

Amy Blumenfield, 2007-04-18


Martin Forisch, 2007-04-18

On the one hand the film is brilliant, but on the other hand the film must scare up the humanity.

With every beat in the film, the nature beat back against the mankind, because the nature don´t forget.

Wake up, before it´s too late.

Martin Vogel, 2007-04-19

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