Ubuntu 7.04 released

by Volker Weber



I'm frightend to upgrade my 6.10 to 7.04 ;) the RC of 7.04 did not like the VIA SATA chipset on my mainboard and refused to even find the discs. Maybe I will just do an image backup of 6.10 and try out the upgrade :-)

Sascha Reissner, 2007-04-19

I upgraded two machines without any problems whatsoever. Don't know whether the second one uses a VIA SATA chipset though. The first for sure doesn't and in the second one I'm using a SCSI RAID ;)

Stefan Rubner, 2007-04-19

I'm in mid-upgrade again, failed the first time when one of the files timed out.

One cool new thing: there's a full Java platform in Multiverse for the first time.

Simon Phipps, 2007-04-19

I'd prefer if Solaris came with a full set of current GNU compilers and tools. (d&r)
Besides that: I've got the impression that Feisty is a lot snappier then Edgy. Will be interesting to see how the proposed enhancements for VMware virtual machines work out. I'm currently upgrading one of my VMware servers ...

Stefan Rubner, 2007-04-19

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