If you want to complicate things, just call IBM

by Volker Weber

IBM seems to be unable to build anything which does not require a dozen PhDs to install and run. Case in point: the J9 Java VM. After you have mastered finding and downloading the VM from IBM.com — under the interesting name ibm-weme-wm50-arm-midp20_6.1.1.20061110-161633.exe (there were loads of other options which might be better) — you have to run this installer. It creates directories in your /Programs path on Windows, although Windows cannot run them. You then have to copy certain directories from the \Programs\IBM... path to a directory you have to create on your Windows mobile phone. Oh, and before you do that you have to unzip a file on your Windows computer which contains exactly the files which need to be placed on the phone. IBM asks you to create \J9 from the root directory and then create another directory MIDP20 in there. Finally you copy all the necessary directories and files from your \Programs directory there. Here is what you get:


Does anybody at IBM know what a .CAB file is? You could send this to the phone and have it place all the necessary files there. Alright, once you are done shuffling files and directories, you get to install your first application. Here are the instructions:

A demo MIDlet is included with this product. The JAD and JAR files needed to run this MIDlet are located in the following directory:


Note: %JAVAHOME% is the location of the J9 VM installation.

To install and run this demo MIDlet on the target file system:

1. In File Explorer, go to the \J9\MIDP20\bin folder and tap emulator to run this program. The MIDlet List window is now displayed.

2. Tap the Install button.

3. Select the keyboard function and type the following in the URL text field:

4. Tap the Ok button. The Progress dialog displays this message:
Installing a Midlet from ”file:///J9/MIDP20/examples/GolfScoreTrackerSuite.jad”

Unfortunately the result from step 3 is quite different:


Can you find the error?


Your 1st screenshot shows MIPD20, while the 2nd uses MIDP20. That could explain why the file wasn't found.

Yury Kats, 2007-04-21

I did a J9 install on my Treo a while back. It was pretty straightforward: downloaded it directly to the phone from the site, and it installed just like any other Palm app.

Tim Tripcony, 2007-04-21

Yury, I know how to fix these errors. But it was far from obvious. That is why I posted the big screenshot. How hard would it be for a Java programmer to handle the execption and tell the user what the problem is?

Volker Weber, 2007-04-21

Hey Volker, I'll check into this with our packaging department. Once upon a time we used to have CAB installs for our MIDP and our Personal Profile runtimes and of course they are much easier to handle from a users perspective. Will get back to you to see if we can get them reinstated. Cheers.

Ken Walker, 2007-04-23

Ken, that would be nice. Suggestions: if you do a CAB installer, also create a shortcut to emulator and register the file types .JAD and JAR. This would make installing midlets MUCH easier.

Volker Weber, 2007-04-23

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