Caught up on your podcasts?

by Bruce Elgort

Here's a list of the Taking Notes podcasts that have been published since mid-February:

Episode 54 - Lotus Quickr with Rob Novak
Episode 55 - ILUG 2007 with Bill Buchan and Paul Mooney
Episode 56 - Andre Guirard from IBM
Episode 57 - Thoughts on the Notes 8 Beta with Rob McDonagh
Episode 58 - Quickr 8 Templates
Episode 59 - Ext.ND and Javascript frameworks

If you are developing composite applications with Lotus Notes 8, we would love to speak with you about it on a podcast. We are planning a future show on Notes 8 development and are finding it a bit difficult to find people developing Notes based composite applications so early in the beta cycle. Drop me a note if you are interested.


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