The left hand now knows what the right hand is doing

by Volker Weber


No, it doesn't

Bob Balaban, 2007-04-24

The left hand may or may not know what the right hand is doing. But that genius in the video obviously doesn't know that his 'left' hand is actually his right hand. Which doesn't really surprise me ;-)

Joerg Michael, 2007-04-24

Yes, but can the left hand make the right hand stop now that it knows?

Bruce Perry, 2007-04-24

Isn't Bush left-handed?

Cem Basman, 2007-04-24

@Cem: No, his father is left handed. George W. Bush is the first right-handed president since Jimmy Carter.

Bob Congdon, 2007-04-24

Oh, his father. Time flies ... Thx, Bob.

Cem Basman, 2007-04-24

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