Nokia E61i coming up

by Volker Weber

nokia e61i

Since the E61i is waitlisted in the Nokia demo pool in Germany, I have asked my contact in Finland whether he can send me one. He said he is happy to, so without too much delay I should have an E61i to look at. I have heard good things about it, and my contact is confident I will like it a lot. I also asked whether I should wait for the E90, and since I am getting the E61i it appears that I should not. ;-) The E90 will ship in the summer, and "summer" is between two and five months away.


i am looking forward to this too. only bad thing in the specs of the e61i is the camera...

Samuel Adam, 2007-04-26

Hatte es schon in der Hand: Nettes Gerät, etwas schicker als das E61, Tastatur ist nicht so rutschig und die Software wurde minimal geglättet. Die Kamera ist vermutlich nicht besser als beim N70, 2 Megapixel ohne Autofokus.

Christian Just, 2007-04-26

Seit einigen Wochen bin auch ich ein zufriedener Nutzer des Nokia E61. Und so sehr ich mich auch für Tests von spezialisierten Handy-Seiten interessiere, so sehr schätze ich deine Expertise. Ich bin sehr gespannt auf deinen Erfahrungsbericht.

Alper Iseri, 2007-04-26

I'll forewarn ya - if it's anything like the US-released E61 - you'll find that it's mail application is missing some very *basic* features - like the ability to select multiple or prior email messages and mark said message read/unread.

Other than that - great "convergence device" IMHO -- looking forward to your review!

Chris Toohey, 2007-04-26

I have my e61i by now and i must say:

+ Mail for Exchange works perfect
+ fring is a real cool tool
+ Wifi is a usefull thing, but a good 3G tarrif even better ;)
+ 1100 Contacts in a few seconds via M4E

- Wifi sucks the battery down even faster than 3G (1 day at most)

btw: What is the "Chat" Function of this phone and how does it work? Didn't find any good info about this

Samuel Adam, 2007-05-10

just purchased one today-possibly will replace my treo 680....
need to find extra batteries for this baby though

robert nobleman, 2007-05-15

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