Treo 750 annoyances, one resolved

by Volker Weber

I have resolved one major annoyance I had with the Treo 750: when accepting a call, the calling party would not hear the first second or two of what I said. So typically they would not hear me accepting the call and there were all sorts of "Hello, hello, do you hear me" confusions. As it turns out, Voice Command was the culprit. It lets you interact with your phone, and there was one option which lead to a race condition. If you pick up the phone late, you will hear a ring and then the phone calls out the name of a known caller. If you pick it up quickly, then you want to say something, but Voice Command apparently also wants to grab the audio interface. Thus the delay when you are fighting over control. Anyway, that was not so easy to spot, but easy to switch off. It is the last option in Settings/Voice Command/Telephone/Options:


I have one more annoyance that hit me yesterday, when Ute returned the phone after terminating a call. If you hold the red receiver button too long, it will shut down the phone. Your only indication is a small icon at the top of the screen. Plus a sound you can't hear if the phone is on vibrate. I know that you may only tap the red button shortly, but Ute did not. So we ended up with a phone switched off and lost a few calls that way.

In related news: somebody at RIM was annoyed that I did not yet receive a replacement for the broken Pearl so he is sending one tomorrow. Should be on my desk Monday. Just as I am getting acquainted to the Treo. ;-)



I have a new treo 750 and has the same issue, so thanks!

What about the poor battery life!

Also does this solve the issue of when someone calls when you are on another call and it tells you who is calling very LOUD!


Paul Bunnell, 2007-04-27

Yes, it will no longer yell at you. :-) Battery life is still abysmal.

Volker Weber, 2007-04-28

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