New poll: will you buy an iPhone any time soon?

by Volker Weber

Three answers:

  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. Undecided

Please vote yes, if you already bought one.

iphone results


A *wee* bit unfair, as the Euro version coming "Real Soon Now" will appear with 3g capability. So I suspect very few folks in Europe will go to the bother of paying huge money for an import, etc...

Ask the same question just after the Euro one ships.

Myself - it'd have to sync data and mail better than BlackBerry - and I cant see that happening with a Lotus Domino mail system.

---* Bill

Bill Buchan, 2007-07-01

no :-)

I ordered an e90 and its enough !

Gonzague Dambricourt, 2007-07-01

I'm a sucker so when it comes out here, then yes.

Matt White, 2007-07-01

After reading the bummer with "no SIM" - NO.
I switch sim cards almost as often as underwear (and that is not an indicator for lack in personal hygiene) due to my travel schedule.

Stephan H. Wissel, 2007-07-01

No, I'm happy with my Pocket LOOX T830!

Johan Känngård, 2007-07-01

Stephan, there IS a SIM. But there can only be one. :-)

Volker Weber, 2007-07-01

I wonder if Apple will have a different SIM strategy once they move the iPhone beyond the US? As a general rule, Americans don't need to switch SIM cards - and most of us don't even know how (insert your own stupid American joke here, I'm too dumb to come up with one...). For 80-90% of the American population, the lack of SIM-switching isn't even an inconvenience, much less a show stopper. I find it annoying and insulting to be told I cannot (and much like DRM, bad for everyone involved), but I have never switched a SIM in my life and I won't for the foreseeable future.

A bigger issue for me is the lack of support for corporate email systems. Now that I have my Pearl, I don't want to give up access to my Notes mail when I'm away from my desk. And the Visto announcement doesn't seem to help (because of the requirement to keep your desktop running).

Rob McDonagh, 2007-07-01

SIM MacLeod?

I just can't justify spending almost as much for a phone as for an entire laptop, especially a phone that would force me to use a single wireless carrier... which I don't happen to presently use, so I'd either have to pay extra to break my existing contract, or keep paying monthly for a phone I don't use anymore. Oh, and the best part is, what if after a few months I adore the iPhone but I'm not happy with AT&T's signal quality, customer service, or any of a dozen other factors? I'd have to grin and bear it, or switch back to the Treo, having wasted (by then) over a thousand bucks.

BIG mistake to only support one wireless carrier.

Tim Tripcony, 2007-07-01

I went to the applet store in NYC Friday night with Thomas Gumz, what a fiasco, potential customers were treated like shit, whilst the media were treated like Princes. After playing with the thing I wasn't that impressed. No from me.

Carl Tyler, 2007-07-01

To be fair, the Apple employees were nice, the issue in NYC was with the hired security folks around the premises. Since they didn't have real authority (as comparted to an NYPD officer), we just ignored them. Maybe that's what got them so riled up ;-)

Thomas Gumz, 2007-07-01


Did you tinker with an iPhone in the store? If so, what were your impressions?

Bruce Elgort, 2007-07-01

die Spinnen die iPhone-Jünger: iPhone Stress Test

Samuel Adam, 2007-07-01

I won't buy one for now (as long as the iPhone doesn't have 3G support and is locked to one particular network), so I'd rather hope and wait for the second generation.

I am amazed how smoothly everything works (the user interface is just great), so as soon as they figure out these issues, I'm in for an iPhone. But so far, I'm satisfied with my Treo.

Jean Pierre Wenzel, 2007-07-01

I'll get one. Seems to be a good replacement for my 1st gen iPod. Seems to be a perfect companion for my MacBook. And with a similar data plan it will render my BB8800 (BIS only) almost useless. Plus: I'm willing to pay for genius interface ideas!

On the other hand: Last usage of my old iPod must been ages ago... Ummm, watching video on small screen? Not my style.

Finally: "Did someone say calamari Vodafone?" No way, then!

File me under "unsure", please.

Martin Kautz, 2007-07-01

I'm German - "no", not any time soon.

Martin Hiegl, 2007-07-01

I will not be getting one until it works on my network (t-mobile ... i have one plan for phone, cell, and my wifi card), but wow is that the best UI on a phone ever. I got to play with one from my friends at Ars and everyone was impressed. The keyboard is not as bad as everyone says ... yes, it takes a bit to get used to it. One of the authors of Ars was typing like a madwoman after just 30 minutes of using it. When on a wifi connection, it flys.

Hopefully a 3G version in the US as well as Europe soon.

john head, 2007-07-01

Auto correction works really nice, if you only speak (and write) one language. For all others the software fights you.

Volker Weber, 2007-07-01

You forgot an important option: "Hell, no!"

Joerg Michael, 2007-07-01

I like mine. True, AT&T is horrible, but none of the other US choices are better; at least it is GSM and not CDMA and AT&T is much larger than T-mobile so I guess it would be my first choice. IIRC, AT&T/Apple have a 5-year exclusive so the next gen iPhone and the one after that will also be AT&T exclusive. And $20 a month (unlimited data) was cheaper than I expected. Someone in line with me Friday was getting one because the monthly iPhone plan was $35/mo cheaper than his Blackberry plan.

And yes, when a 32GB 3G iPhone comes out, I will get it. Since the next 2 years of AT&T service for 3 lines is over $3000, an extra $600 is not that unreasonable to use an iPhone in the iterim. And it obviates the need to buy a video iPod. And I will always have some tunes on my phone.

Lee Davis, 2007-07-02

Lee, hey, this is a cool phone. You don't have to defend buying it. :-)

Volker Weber, 2007-07-02

got mine! loving it so far. love the map integration - hell, i love the way it all integrates and is so simple to use. movies look great on the screen.

just need to replace the crappy headphones.

Simon Barratt, 2007-07-02

Still have to come up with a serious WCF (wife convincing factor). But as I am not longing for an iPone, given the many things which are missing to make it sexy to me, and some things which make it expensive but have no appeal to me (e.g. iPod functionality), I am not straining my brain too much for it.

This one really passes me, sorry Apple.

Armin Roth, 2007-07-02

Voted: No

#1 No Java
#2 No OTA Sync with Domino/Notes

Btw because of #2 the E90 currently does not make much sense for me
( No WebSphere Everyplace Access Client aka WEA )

Martin Forisch, 2007-07-03

No, I am not that interested. Cell phones are still a tool, not a toy, for me. Call me old-fashioned. My Blackberry (currently a Pearl, may get a Curve) does its job really, really well, and had made my life better. Add to that the fact that Cingular/AT&T was previously fired by me for having some of the crappiest customer service, ever, and that I love t-Mobile for their customer service, and it makes it a non-starter right off the bat.

So, the reasons for my NO vote:
1) the price - sorry, that's just too much
2) locked into one network, and that network's customer service is horrible beyond compare
3) I want Domino-based push mail & calendar plus OTA sync (like BB), don't think that is possible on the iPhone
4) screen seems fragile, and prone to scratching - and I am hard on my phones

For those of you who love it, good for ya - but I don't think it is for me.


Rocky Oliver, 2007-07-03

No - Love the product, but it's on AT&T's network, which sux out here in Washington (odd, since this is where they got their start as McCaw Cellular).

Greg Walrath, 2007-07-03

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