O2 with EDGE?

by Volker Weber

e90 umts e90edge

When the E90 needs to keep a data connection and the UMTS signal is too weak, it drops back to GPRS. Today I witnessed for the first time that it fell back to EDGE. And as you can see, it seems to do that on the german O2 network. I did not know that O2 even had EDGE support in Germany. Is the E90 confused or is O2 upgrading its network?


Would make sense for their latest XDAs (terra and nova) both support EDGE ... also they may bet on the fact that making deals with T-Mobile/Deutsche Telekom can will be very frustrating for any given potential partner some most at any given time.

Stefan Rubner, 2007-07-06

I found an article from 2006 in the Connect magazine stating that O2 is starting to set up EDGE on their network. I didn't know that either until you mentioned it.

That's actually pretty nice as the Treo 680 doesn't support UMTS. Now O2 only has to come up with a decent data plan and I'll be their customer again.

Jean Pierre Wenzel, 2007-07-06

Ich hatte heute früh das gleiche bei Vodafone, erstmals die Anzeige "Edge" im Blackberry 8800.

Jetzt ist aber wieder gprs (neuerdings kleingeschrieben im Display?)

Dirk Müller, 2007-07-06

Kleingeschrieben heißt GPRS verfügbar, keine Verbindung zum BB Service.

Volker Weber, 2007-07-06

Nach meinen bisherigen Infos sind T-Mobile und Vodafone die einzigen, die ein EDGE Netz betreiben. Da aber O2 (dort wo O2 nicht ist) auf das Netz von T-Mobile bei GSM und GPRS ausweicht, könnte es nun sein das zu diesem Joint Venture inzwischen auch das EDGE Netz von T-Mobile gehört!?

Viktor Kostic, 2007-07-09

I had EDGE with my 8800 in Berlin during a visit in early May. So I guess network upgrades are in progress.

Andy Mell, 2007-07-10

No network upgrade is planned and was ever planned at o2.

Thomas Lang, 2007-07-10

yes i have found that o2 are now have edge,i have a nokis N95 plus a blackberry curve,, 8830 ,it this thats now picking up a edge signal,
on the 22.08.07

i did call o2,and asked if there was a edge network,the guy had never herd of it,then i asked could i talk to the tec desk,there was a silent pause,and he said i talk to them for you,ok i said he came back 10 mins later and said o2 do not have a edge net work,ok i said,

but there is in my town called andover,i went to salisbury today there was not a edge signal there,all i can think of is it beeing rolled out as we speak, or the staff at o2 do not know or havent been told,

on the blackberry curve it was great to browse,,it seemd very fast, all i can think it beeing upgraded for the iphone

paul bevan

paul bevan, 2007-08-24

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