Another update on the Nokia E90

by Volker Weber

I have now completely settled in on using the E90. I have this feeling there is no turning back. Every other phone feels like a toy compared to the Communicator.

Interestingly enough, the external screen has proven to be much more useful than I thought. You can easily check new email coming in with one hand, and you only need to switch from phone to Communicator mode when you answer an email. It is best of both worlds: a device optimized for one handed operation combined with one for two hands. While the internal screen is truly amazing the external one is not too shabby either. Many phones are happy to have a QVGA screen at all. Compare the two screenshots below. You have to click the right image to get the full version. It won't fit within the design of this page.

small thumb

The E90 is definitely faster than any other S60 device I have used so far. Not as fast as a BlackBerry but fast enough for me that I don't notice. The two "favorites" buttons are now configured with Widsets and Mail for Exchange. Widsets is my favorite third party application and Mail for Exchange needs some handholding.


Much thanks for your feedback : it just confirms my choice :P

PS : don't hesitate to post your flickr pictures to this group :

Gonzague Dambricourt, 2007-07-06

Volker! You tease.

It's useful to hear how things develop as you spend more time with this device. If only we could join you!

The best I hear is 12th July for UK availability...:(

John Ash, 2007-07-06

Gonzague, I am not posting to any Flickr group.

John, I am taking 3% commission on all devices sold in the first week. At least I wish I could. :-)

Volker Weber, 2007-07-06

Volker - please don't do it again... ;-) ! You brought me on to the Nokia 9300 once - and I used to be really happy besides the size and iSync issues but it's time to move on to a newer phone and your verdict is more than tempting to take a closer look...

While it's still all based on rumors, I don't feel the initial European iPhone model will be the right choice for me...


Markus Heyl, 2007-07-06

I'm interested in the durability of E90, because I have had bad experiences with Nokia phones (especially Communicators).

On Wednesday this week I had to send my Nokia 9300i to repairs. This was for the second time this year. Got the phone just a year ago, so it is fortunately still under warranty.

Before having the 9300i, my 9500 broke from the hinges and there were problems with the display. And before the 9500, I had a 6800 which also broke from the hinges.

I wonder if a E90 is any better in this regard?

Juha Haataja, 2007-07-06

iSync issues are gone. But the E90 is significantly larger than the 9300.

I think the iPhone is very tempting. But the chain that Apple puts around your neck is way to short.

You may want to wait and then decide what you get for Xmas.

Volker Weber, 2007-07-06

Juha, I cannot really say. The E90 feels VERY solid, but only time will tell. I am not going to drop it on the floor to fulfill your curiosity. :-)

The 9500 was known to be very weak. Every single one I have seen was at least partially broken. The 9300 however is fine. I have a friend who abuses it every single day and it has only developed some scratches on the covers. What is wrong with your 9300i?

Volker Weber, 2007-07-06

What a shame for Flickr... (i dont understand why you don't want but it's up to you :-) )

Gonzague Dambricourt, 2007-07-06

What's wrong with my 9300i: One of the hinges is broken and the phone does not close properly. Also, the sound breaks every once in a while, both in receiving and sending.

A couple of months ago the 9300i was corrupting memory cards - this was fixed by upgrading the software. Because of the corruption I lost quite a few contacts, including important phone numbers. (I synced the phone to my computer and lost phone numbers there also...)

Juha Haataja, 2007-07-06

Is the E61i up for sale?

Vitor Pereira, 2007-07-06

I accidentally bought an E90 for $1200 here in Europe without first getting written approval from my company. They said that they were going to get me a Blackberry for $250 and $140 per month worldwide data download (emails in every country).

Here in Europe, I can use local prepaid cards to download email for 2 cents per email, which means I can probably save the company on the $140 per month data plan. But I do not have a definitive list of which countries' prepaid cards allow this (I only know TMobile and Kolumbus of Finland).

Can anyone advise on that score?

I could also argue that I bought a device that uses Wireless for free data download. But one is not in a free wireless environment so much in the European business and social world. The killer app would be to have Skype on my E90.

When will Skype be available for the E90?? That would destroy the Blackberry's competitiveness wouldn't it?

Also, does the Blackberry allow sending attachments and working with them the way the E90 does? My E90 is like a real computer.

Finally, my E90 is a GPS Navigator. In Europe, it often costs extra (and in England a lot extra) to rent cars with "Nav".

The GPS function of the E90 beats the Blackberry but I do not know how to quantify the extra value for a company.

Vince Fosterman, 2007-07-28

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