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by Volker Weber

Henry writes:

As a person who now uses Vista on daily basis, I can honestly say there is no better evidence as to why someone should get a Mac.


Vista is also increasing XP sales..

Although Henry is correct: OS X is the right answer.

Lee Davis, 2007-07-23

Volker, has microsoft released any figures on sales of vista. I can expect them to be muddled anyway (with hardware sales) but have they announced if they have met expectations?

PS - Although there are still some things I am just not used to, I cannot see myself turning back from the Mac. In fact, I think I prefer the size of the Macbook to the Pro aswell.

paul money, 2007-07-23

Easier said than done! I'm not game to try installing OS X onto a PC (which Apple doesn't support anyway) and therefore would need to purchase a high-powered Mac to replace my high-powered PC. Extra expense I could do without.

Kieren Johnson, 2007-07-23

Very clever from Microsoft. I bought an Acer Laptop some time ago coming with Vista OEM.
Two weeks ago I was finally fed up with it and bought another copy of XP. Paying twice for an OS in some way is clever for boosting revenues. Looking at Microsoft financial reports it seems that they are already operating from a position where product quality or innovation become less important. What a pity.
I think I twice configured an Apple at the store in the last 12 months but was very uncomfortable with the price for Apple Care (3 years warranty).

Henning Heinz, 2007-07-23

"The whole industry is disappointed with Windows Vista," Acer President Gianfranco Lanci told the Financial Times Deutschland. [..] Mr. Lanci said he didn't believe Vista was enough to tempt a person to go out and buy a new PC. In many cases business customers had asked Acer to install the old operating system Windows XP on their new machines.

Hanno Zulla, 2007-07-23

A friend of mine recently bought a laptop with Vista and decided to add Ubuntu as a dual boot OS. He fat fingered the partitioner and ended up blowing away the Vista partition completely, instead of resizing it.

He had planned to do this anyway and to build XP instead as his (occasional) Windows OS, but it turns out that his laptop had been nobbled by the manufacturer so that the only Windows OS that could be installed on it was Vista.

The ultimate solution for him? No Windows OS at all - just Ubuntu - and he's happy with that.

Chris Linfoot, 2007-07-23

@ Paul, probably not the detail you were after, but saw this report on the beeb recently.

Simon Scullion, 2007-07-23


I bough my second iMac several years ago at Mediaworld here in Italy and, rather than choosing AppleCare, I got extra 2 years free service paying an additional 18 Euro fee.
That's with Mediaworld which should be widely spread in Germany.

Other major chains for consumer electronics offer similar packages.

This solution might be not as good as AppleCare but at least it gives some peace of mind.

Hope this helps you jumping on the other side.. :)

Pieter Lansbergen, 2007-07-23

There are six reasons, why vista is not so bad at all:

Corbel, Candara, Constantia, Consolas, Calibri and Cambria.

But I'm glad these can be installed on other os, too.

Kai Nehm, 2007-07-23

thank you. I try to avoid Metro Group stores like MediaWorld (although this is getting hard in Germany) but the guarantee sounds interesting. I still have my doubts that they are doing this for Apple Laptops.

Henning Heinz, 2007-07-23

I'm using Vista (Ultimate) on a daily basis as well and all I can say is: This quote is nothing but the usual Microsoft-bashing. Vista is a welcome evolution of Win2k and XP, and just like OS X I would grade it as a professional and modern OS.

P.S: I have a Mac at home, of course...

Thomas Cloer, 2007-07-24

Thanks for adding some balance. I have not lived long enough with Vista for my own judgment.

Volker Weber, 2007-07-24

I fully agree with Thomas. Actually I had some strange experiences with Vista. For instance, upgrading my Vaio SZ3 from XP to Vista got me in some serious driver-installation-trouble, which came from these really amateurish assembled Sony driver packages. And there still are some other issues on different machines.

But after finally succeeding, everything runs well and smooth, and many people, to whome I was talking aubout Vista, agreed with my impressions. Compared to Vista, XP looks and feels old-fashioned and uncool - I never would switch back.

Aside from that, every IT-professional knows, that switching the OS in an enterprise environment requires strategy and planning - thats, why so many organisations still stick with XP (or even W2K?).

Wolfgang Miedl, 2007-07-24

Umm. I suffered Vista on my blingmaster (Dell XPS Gen-2) - which got a Vista benchmark score of "4.0". Which I'm lead to believe is more than adequate.

A whole two months.

Whilst it didnt crash as often as XP, it did decide to start moving my user home directory around, lock up, etc. The constant windows security pop-up didnt help.

Back to XP, and my next laptop will be a Macbook Pro.. (Vowe did recommend a MacBook over a pro - but I need the slightly larger screen for development)..

Vista. Its Windows ME for 2007.

---* Bill

Bill Buchan, 2007-07-24

I had to repair and rebuild my laptop a while back. I decided that this build (expected to last another 2 years, since the old one lasted 3.5) was going to be Vista as I didn't want to have to go through this all again when I ran into XP compatibility issues.

Like Bill the control freakery in Vista drove me mad. So I did the following.

Switched the User control off
Switched off the annoying red icon on the task bar telling me I'd switched the user control off.
I had issues gaining control of my user profile driectory and in other areas so I wrote the following cmd file to fix the NTFS lockdown
@echo off
icacls c:\ /setowner Administrators /T /C
icacls c:\ /grant Administrators:F /T /C

This fixed most of the "application compatibility" isues I had too.

I had an issue with my touchpad driver. I wound up with an alps driver and a synaptics driver active at the same time. Continuous blue screen. The DVD setup repair tools failed and I wound up using Peter Nordahls nt password cd to open the administrator account and set the password so that I could use the XP repair console to switch the drivers off.

Sadly this broke some stuff and I had to do a refresh install. Full marks to MS, the refresh install kept almost all of my settings, drivers and apps requiring only about 1.5 hours to come back to normal.

Oh yes, I switched off the defender service and the windows search service. I use 360 and I like my CPU to be mine thanks.

My laptop only gives a base of 3.7 (although that is gaming graphics, all the rest are over 4.0) and I really have a much faster, much prettier Windows XP now.

All I have to do now is learn to live with the truly awful Explorer.... But I guess you'd like that as it is now much more like the MAC finder.......

Neil Thomas, 2007-07-24

@Henning - re. avoiding Metro Group - you can get a similar guarantee from Gravis in Germany, which I have bought a couple of times when I have bought new Macs, but never needed so far (so I have no idea whether it really "works" when you need it :) I bought it for an iMac and a Mac mini, but I think they also offer it on MacBooks etc.

John Keys, 2007-07-24

Thank you John,
I was at the Gravis website and they offer what I need and the price is attractive (100 Euro). It seems there are no more excuses if I need a new machine now.

Henning Heinz, 2007-07-24

If you're doing some serious development and if that's done while not "on the run" (meaning not on the train, in the airport or on the plane) you might wish to have a look at this and that, too. And maybe reconsider whether you really need a MacBook Pro ;)

Stefan Rubner, 2007-07-24

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