Lotus Notes and Citrix or WTS

by Volker Weber

Charles has written an excellent overview of Lotus Notes deployment on Windows Terminal Services and Citrix. My take-away: Notes 6 and 7 run just fine, but Notes 8 (Standard) will not.

I speculated about this issue 15 months ago, and it turns out that Notes 8 won't be supported on multiuser Windows environments. As far as I understand today, it won't even will run in the basic configuration (Classic Coke). The standard configuration (New Coke, Expeditor) is completely out of the question.


There's an answer to his according question in the Beta forum stating that the basic configuration will be supported on Citrix.

Oliver Regelmann, 2007-07-27

and it also says that in 8.0.1, the standard configuration will be supported.

"We will add support of Citrix for the Standard Configuration in the Notes 8.0.1 time frame."

Ed Brill, 2007-07-27

Just to be clear, I didn't say Notes 8 wasn't supported at all. I said Notes 8 Basic was supported:

"The Basic client is the traditional C++ implementation. It can be deployed just as Notes 6 or 7 were and is supported on WTS and Citrix."

I did get Notes 8 Basic b2 installed on WTS, so I have personal knowledge that that configuration works. I tried and failed with Notes 8 Standard b2 and b3, and that's when I finally asked in the Notes 8 Beta forum and got the answer Oliver linked to.

Charles Robinson, 2007-07-27

So... this technote does not recommend to have Notes.ini and data on file share...

... yet this Redbook describes it (p45) as the only way to get Notes 6 on Citrix...

Go figure...

Chris Dehon, 2007-07-28

@Chris - There is some documentation somewhere that says to use a multi-user install of Notes on Citrix, but I'm not sure where I found it. You are right, though, the various bits of documentation do contradict each other and makes it difficult to know what you're really supposed to do. If you have questions or need help let me know. I've done both types of implementations and wrote a utility to convert the old style to the new one. :-)

Charles Robinson, 2007-07-28

@Charles: Please publish the info for all instead of one to one. I would love some more info about Multi-user Notes install on Citrix, and the utility would be very nice too. No, just because you publish a tool you have to support it. (Caveat inspired by Julian Robichaux)

Lars Berntrop-Bos, 2007-07-30

@Lars - I already posted the steps to do a multi-user install on Windows Terminal Services: SNTT - Doing a multi-user install of Lotus Notes 7.01 on Windows Terminal Services 2003 - Part 1. I have a version of the migration utility posted on my blog as well, but I need to do some tweaks to make it more universal so I won't provide a direct link. It shouldn't be too difficult to find if you really want it, though.

Charles Robinson, 2007-07-30

The Standard client has the xml files that are not accounted for in the roaming or Citrix environment. It just means that Citrix users will wait a few before moving up to the 8 client. We do not have much to offer them in the Basic 8 from 7 that they cannot wait a few for in our Citrix hosted customers

Chris Miller, 2007-07-31

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