Five new Sky.FM channels

by Volker Weber

From my inbox:

Hi Volker,

I came upon an old post on your blog where you mentioned you enjoyed our Smooth Jazz. Last night we laucnehd 5 new channels, one of them was Bossa Nova Jazz, and another one is Piano Jazz. You might love those too, give them a try at if you're still into net radio :) And of course they should work with Sonos as before!

PS: thanks for all the link love, that's how I found this eventually, ALWAYS appreciated :)

Best Regards,

Ari Shohat

Founder & Manager

These are the new channels:

And they are already on the Sonos. I did not have to do anything myself since you can have your station list updated by Sonos.

Updated Internet Radio station list


Can you also get Pandora with Sonos in Europe ?

Martijn Mulder, 2007-08-02

Not any more.

Volker Weber, 2007-08-02

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