Freeing up storage

by Volker Weber

It's no secret that people like to collect music on their PCs, with music files taking up more and more hard drive space as time goes on. Recent data from Comscore says that as of April of this year the typical computer in the US contains an average of 880 MP3 files, taking up roughly 3GB of hard drive space. Compared to the average number of Word documents (197), PDFs (100), and Excel files (77), music files make up the single most common type of file found on an average computer by a long shot.

Windows users now get some help making room on their storage: W32.Deletemusic


W32.Deletemusic affects computers running Windows 2000/95/98/Me/NT/Server 2003/Vista/XP
Windows Vista??

I understood it had been turned into the safest OS in the world..
There must be a mistake here..:-)

Pieter Lansbergen, 2007-08-04

@Pieter: it is the safest OS. But in this case we are talking about backward compatibility... ;)

Kai Scharwacht, 2007-08-05

Perhaps in # of files, but I would expect in size that is changing / changed.

Even for people who think CSS is style sheets :-), there are growing ways to get video.

Tivo ( a DVR) Desktop, plug in your video camera and watch DV suck up a disk drive, download video interviews ( Cringley from PBS, Scoble, et al), Apple TV, etc. I just encountered a site with 10+ Rails tutorials. Even a H.264 screencast was 70MB.

A single video can exceed 3GB.

So as audio size tends to dwarf text, so does video dwarf audio.

Of course there are those who are into strict mailbox limits to save an extra 30 MB.

My music is mostly M4As (w/o DRM) and on a Mac so I hope I am safe.

I suppose an obligitory condescending Mac comment is required: Isn't deleting a Windows user's files just natural selection?

Lee Davis, 2007-08-06

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