It's good to have a fallback

by Volker Weber


It has been four years since this picture was taken, but my iMac G4 is still going strong. Today I had to go back using it since the MacBook no longer recognizes my power adapter. $&%§! Without power it's nothing but a big black paperweight.

Conveniently for Apple the warranty has just run out two weeks ago. I think I need to make a few phone calls to get this sorted out.

The real timesaver is Foldershare which I started using two years ago. All my important files are on both the iMac and the MacBook.

PS: No, the two Palm devices in this picture are long gone.

Update: Solved in 10 minutes. It was the power supply and not the MacBook. Replaced on the spot.


Incredible how modern and fresh the iMac G4 still looks after all these years...

Stuart McIntyre, 2007-08-09

They’re great machines. Mine is still going strong, and is the family workhorse (i.e. the kids hammer it most days).

Ben Poole, 2007-08-09

Sad to hear that warranty run out problem. My PowerBook's graphic chip was bricked 3 weeks after my 3-year-warranty. I couldn't convince Apple to show some goodwill and it seems my importance in Apple's customer base wasn't big enough to substantiate any threat to not buy a Mac in the future. :) I am writing this from a big black paperweight, of course. I'm sure you have a better standing to get this sorted out, good luck.

Henning Stoerk, 2007-08-09

Just posted, then read your update. Even better that way...

Henning Stoerk, 2007-08-09

And incredible that the good old IBM keyboards still work in daily use. I'm typing this on one which was produced 1991-09-24. Luckily there are USB PS/2 adapters.

Benjamin Bock, 2007-08-09

Hello Volker Weber

I myself am considering a Mac.

I'm not sure whether I should get an iMac or the MacBook. Asking around at other forums, they suggest that I get the MacBook since one of my priorities is portability.

My other priorities include having a good graphics card since I will use a Mac mainly for photo and video editing. Question is, whether the extra bucks for a MacBook Pro is worth it.

I will continue considering the MacBook or MacBook Pro whilst doing my research.

Rezdwan Hamid

Rezdwan Hamid, 2007-08-18

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