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by Volker Weber

facebook updates

Facebook is fun. Period.

That is the main difference to all the other social networks. Xing or LinkedIn let you collect your contacts in an address book on steroids. But you don't get much fun interaction.

Facebook is different. I visit it once a day to get an update on what people are up to. And since Facebook lets you embed other applications it becomes a natural portal for your contacts. If I were responsible for Lotus Connections, I would take a long hard look at Facebook.

One of the things i incorporated into my Facebook page today is Twitter. At first I thought this was just another randon Web 2.0 fad. But as Max has explained (in German), they are doing all the right things to make it work really, really well.



thanks for the link to my Twitter-article, but my name is Max, not Klaus :)

Twitter in facebook sounds interesting!

Max Kossatz, 2007-08-09

Max, sorry about that. Fixed the post (and my brain).

Volker Weber, 2007-08-09

Thank you!
maybe this: http://wissenbelastet.com/2007/07/11/schlagzeilen-auf-twitter/ is interesting for other Twitter-Maniacs :)

Max Kossatz, 2007-08-09

Couldn't agree more. I am very impressed with Facebook.

Richard Shergold, 2007-08-09

Off topic: Aber ich hab gerade in der Mittagspause im lavaAzza in Darmstadt das Apple iPhone live gesehen :-D

Sebastian Grötsch, 2007-08-09

I cannot sign up with my catch-all email adress...
It says "Please enter a valid email adress." - Arrgh!

This is NOT fun.

Christian Heindel, 2007-08-09

I don't get the point in Facebook, where is the advantage for me? In Xing there are many business contacts and some private contacts. It is useful to learn about people and to establish contact.

But Facebook is made for the US, it does not even has a network for my homecity, Hamburg.

And what about Twitter? It's nice to leave my status there, but for whom? And how to do status updates, since it does not support Skype. SMS and Web are too much effort.
And do I want that someone sees what I'm doing at the moment?

I guess my opinion would change if all of my friends would be using Facebook and Twitter. But no one does. And there is no chance that everyone would use it. And even if some of my friends would be there, they would never spend much time in filling it up with stuff.

Julian Buss, 2007-08-09

Facebook is definitely US-focused. It was only recently opened up beyond college students. My understanding (very limited) is that Bebo is similar to Facebook but is much more widely used in Europe.

Don McNally, 2007-08-09

Don't forget Pownce (which lets you send messages to individual groups of people unlike Twitter) and Jaiku to pull all your entries and feeds into one place.

like this or even the RSS feed of all the feeds. Much like a mega feed source...

Chris Miller, 2007-08-09

Vowe, you nailed it perfectly. It is "fun", and that is why people keep using it. If we could bring that level of fun to the business world, think of how much more fulfilling the work day would be.

* Yes, the Lotus Connections team is very aware of Facebook.

Alan Lepofsky, 2007-08-09

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